5 Pokemon Card Holders and Cases to Buy

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Last Updated On: October 11th, 2023

Pokemon card collecting has exploded in popularity in recent years, and prices have soared with the surge in demand. Veteran collectors — and even those new to collecting — can understand how important it is to ensure their Pokemon cards are protected to retain their value.

There’s no better way to do this than to get yourself some top quality Pokemon card holders. However, not all of them are safe enough to use, especially if you want to maintain a highly valuable card in pristine condition.

Why You Need Pokemon Card Holders

The two biggest contributors to value with any collectible is 1. the asset itself (i.e. is it highly sought after) and 2. its condition. To maintain the quality of your cards and protect them from dust, dings, sunlight, water, and even bends is where card holders come into play.

Card holders are made with sturdier material than most plastic sleeves, so there’s little chance you’ll cause any damage to your valuable Pokemon cards in storage or as you stack them on top of each other. Additionally, when you want to take your cards somewhere else, a Pokemon card holder box will be invaluable in protecting your cards during transit.

Best Pokemon Card Holders to Buy

We’ll be going through several of the best Pokemon card holders and Pokemon card storage boxes you can find, along with some relevant information on each of them to help you make informed buying decisions.

TLDR Summary

Name of brand and type of Pokemon card storage boxBest Used ForPricingWhere to Buy
Ultra PRO (storage box)Perfect for storing your sleeved Pokemon cards. Pokemon themed color pattern is also visually appealing.$14.95 / eachAmazon
Ultra PRO (magnetic one touch case)Keeping a select few cards from your Pokemon card collection extra safe.$9.97
(5 pack)
BCW (top loader)Best Pokemon card holder value you’ll find. Perfect for those with larger collections as these cases run cheaper.$13
(100 pack)
Homthy (magnetic one touch case)Similar to the Ultra PRO above, but even a tighter fit specifically for Pokemon cards.$7.59
(5 pack)
CASEMATIX (card case)Storing cards that are inside PSA slabs or magnetic one touch cases.$24.99 / eachAmazon

Ultra PRO’s Pokemon Card Storage Box

Pokemon Card Holder Box by Ultra Pro

First up is Ultra PRO’s Pokemon card storage box. These affordable poly boxes are perfect for storing upwards of 60 sleeved Pokemon cards all at once. Additionally, they come in Pokemon themed colors, showing that they were originally made with the intention of storing Pokemon cards specifically, although other cards can be stored as well.


  • Affordable yet sturdy material.
  • Can store 60-75 sleeved Pokemon cards comfortably, and even more if they’re unsleeved.
  • Attractive and distinct color schemes are available to purchase.
  • Can also store PSA slabs or top loaded cards.


  • Plastic card storage box will have some wiggle room so unsleeved cards not safe.
  • Some collectors have reported it was a little tough to fit their sleeved cards.
  • Not great for stacking heavy items on the box as it is made of thin plastic.


These Pokemon card holder boxes are perfect for card collectors who are looking to save on storage space, and keep their cards organized. It’s a great choice for sleeved or top loaded cards, and visually appealing. That said, you will likely need to purchase other types of cases below to additionally protect your cards.

Ultra PRO’s Magnetic Pokemon Card Holder

Pokemon Card Holder, one touch magnetic by Ultra Pro (5 pack)

Up next is Ultra PRO’s magnetic Pokemon card case which can hold only one trading card at a time. The reason it made it on this list is its extra durability which makes it more appealing for Pokemon card collectors that want to go the extra mile to ensure their cards are as safe as possible.


  • Super durable and reliable.
  • Magnetic closure makes it more convenient to use.
  • Very easy to carry around without worry of harming the card inside.
  • All five Pokemon card holders are individually packaged to avoid scratching during transit.


  • These holders weren’t made while keeping Pokemon cards in mind specifically, because of which your Pokemon cards might move a little inside the case.
  • Rather pricey because of the high cost of the material.
  • Due to these holders being bulky in nature, having too many of them might cause storage problems.


Although these Pokemon card holders are definitely some of the best quality wise, we would mostly recommend them for people who want to go the extra step to keep a select few cards from their collection even safer than regular holders usually would. There are multiple reasons for us to come to this conclusion, but the biggest one is how expensive they can be.

To put it into perspective, the average cost of a box of 25 top loaders would be less than $10, while the average price of 25 Ultra Pro One Touch Magnetic Pokemon Card Holders is around five times that amount. An affordable card binder for your Pokemon cards may also serve as a reasonable alternative.

BCW’s Top load Pokemon Card Holder

Pokemon Card Case, BCW toploaders

BCW’s top load Pokemon card holders are without a doubt some of the most popular card holders around in the Pokemon card collecting community, and that’s mostly because of their bulk nature. These are mostly sold in a collection of four packs, and one pack contains 25 holders which makes this a prime choice for those who have larger Pokemon card collections.


  • On the cheaper side when compared to some other entries on this list.
  • Because of its bulk nature, you won’t have to keep purchasing more.
  • Can hold basketball, baseball, and football cards too (among others).
  • Very good for shipping Pokemon cards 


  • You’ll need to purchase plastic sleeves for your cards first before loading them into top loaders for a snug fit.
  • Several collectors have reported some of their holders came with broken corners.


These Pokemon card holders are very good from a value perspective if you’re someone who has a lot of cards in your collection you want to keep safe. We recommend to use these holders for a good bulk of your cards, but use better quality card cases for your more valuable cards to maximize their safety. Some collectors use Card Savers as well, which have their own advantages over top loaders.

Homthy’s Magnetic Pokemon Card Holder

Homthy’s magnetic Pokemon card case is the best quality case you can find. The acrylic material is extremely durable, and the best thing is that an average Pokemon card PERFECTLY fits inside it without having to use a plastic sleeve. This means there’s no chance of your card moving around, even if you shake it like a maraca.


  • Very sturdy quality material is used.
  • Pokemon cards perfectly fit inside it.
  • Is also water resistant to an extent, which means your card should be safe even when the holder comes in contact with some water (but not submergible!).


  • Some customers have reported the magnet for the holder they bought was loose.
  • A little on the pricey side, mostly because of their popularity and quality materials.
  • Holders can end up getting scratched easily, especially around the corners.


A Homthy’s Pokemon card holder should be the best holder to protect cards you deem valuable. We recommend it over the Ultra Pro magnetic case based on its form fitting design for Pokemon cards, and it’s slightly cheaper per pack of 5 cases.

CASEMATIX Graded Pokemon Card Case

If you’ve ever been to a Pokemon card convention, chances are you’ve seen several collectors with these rectangular Pokemon card storage cases for their PSA or BGS graded cards. The reason the Pokemon card case for graded cards is different than the one for those in sleeves, top loaders, or magnetic one touch cases, is that graded cards come in thick slabs that don’t fit everywhere. Fortunately, they fit in these CASEMATIX Pokemon card cases just fine.


  • Very easy to carry around.
  • Can hold a little over 30 PSA graded cards comfortably.
  • Padded sides and top lid to protect your cards against any harm.
  • Also comes in different colors (like red and black)
  • Can also fit toploaders and magnetic hard shell cases easily


  • Some users have reported that they had problems closing the Pokemon card case with PSA slabs inside.
  • If you don’t have enough cards in the case, items can shift and cause potential damage.


We believe this card case is a very good choice for those who have a large number of PSA graded or encased cards and need an easy transport/organization option.


There are a number of factors you need to take into consideration when deciding which Pokemon card holders or Pokemon card cases you should purchase: determining the quantity of cases you need, the appropriate case/card holder size, affordability, and durability will all be key deciding factors.

Keep in mind that it isn’t necessary that you only use one type of storage. On the contrary, many collectors tend to first sleeve their valuable cards, then store them in toploaders or magnetic card holders, and then store those in card cases for maximum protection and convenience. Hopefully this post has given you a good summary of the types of cases on the market for protecting your Pokemon cards. Once you’ve purchased the basics, be sure to consider a glass display case to really step up the presentation of your collection!

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