Top 10 Most Valuable Michael Jordan Cards

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Last Updated On: August 6th, 2023

As the most popular basketball player on the planet, Michael Jordan has no shortage of basketball cards for sports card collectors to choose from. This post highlights the top 10 most valuable Michael Jordan cards that are worth money, using the help of CardLadder’s amazing data.

Since the debut of the Michael Jordan rookie card in the 1986 Fleer set (pictured below), thousands of Michael Jordan cards have been released including short print inserts, refractors, autographed patches, and more. You’ll find several of the best ones included in the list below.

1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Card #57
1986 Fleer Michael Jordan RC #57

According to CardLadder, these are the top 10 most valuable Michael Jordan cards in existence (in ungraded condition aka ‘raw’). You’ll notice some of these basketball cards haven’t sold in raw condition in multiple years! Even so, CardLadder does a great job of estimating a card’s value, so we have included current valuation as well.

Michael Jordan Cards Worth Money

Most valuable Michael Jordan cards rank #1: 2003 Exquisite Collection Michael Jordan Number Pieces numbered to /23 #NP-MJ
Most valuable Michel Jordan Cards rank #1: 2003 Exquisite Michael Jordan Number Pieces /23 #NP-MJ
Card DescriptionLast Date Sold & PriceEst. Current Value January 2023
12003 Exquisite Collection Michael Jordan Number Pieces numbered to /23 #NP-MJJuly, 2017
22006 Exquisite Collection Michael Jordan Limited Logos numbered to /50 #LL-MJFebruary, 2018
31997 Ultra Stars Gold Michael Jordan #1July, 2020
41997 Skybox Premium Rubies Michael Jordan numbered to /50 #235Nov. 2018
52003 Exquisite Collection Michael Jordan Noble Nameplates numbered to /25 #NN-MJJanuary, 2008
61998 Skybox Molten Metal Michael Jordan Fusion numbered to /250 #41March 2021
71997 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Game Jersey #GJ13May 2019
81996 Flair Showcase Michael Jordan Row 0 Legacy Collection numbered to /150 #23August 2019
91997 Skybox E-X2001 Michael Jordan Jambalaya #6May 2021
101998 Fleer Tradition Michael Jordan The Perfect 10 Classic ’61 numbered to /61 #142July 2019
Most valuable Michael Jordan cards sourced via CardLadder Player Indices 01-23-23

As evidenced by the table above, it’s evident the Jordan rookie, and rookie sticker, are not the only Jordan cards to have soared in value to art-like valuations. Many players’ cards have done quite well, including today’s most popular NBA stars. CardLadder can be used to track the historical movement of any player index or card in their database.

Using CardLadder to see any player’s card values

If you have a CardLadder account, you can find similar card/value data for any player in their database by logging in and heading over to ‘Indexes‘ in the left menu. You’ll notice a tab for ‘Players‘ which you can search from or choose from the list of players that displays.

Cardladder player indexes

Once you pick the player index, choose ‘Cards‘ from the following page and sort the list by value descending, for example.

CardLadder player index Michael Jordan sorted value descending

For the top 10 valuable cards listed in this article, the list was also filtered by clicking the ‘Filter‘ toggle and choosing Raw for condition. Be sure to click ‘Apply‘ at the bottom of the page when you’ve made your choices.

Cardladder player index Michael Jordan sorted and filtered for raw condition

Keep in mind the steps provided in this post require a Pro (paid) subscription to CardLadder which I highly recommend. It’s a really useful tool for all collectors, and a must have.


The value of Michael Jordan cards has only increased over the past 30 years, with many of the cards mentioned fetching five to six figure prices at auction. Whether you are an avid collector or just starting out, the 10 cards in this post give you insight into the world of basketball card collecting and the potential value of building a collection.

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