5 Best Trading Card Display Cases to Show off Your Collection

Trading Card Display Cases

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Last Updated On: September 5th, 2023

Many collectors look to buy a trading card display case as soon as they’ve built a collection worth showing off, or at the least plan to attend a card show and setup a table to wheel and deal with other collectors.

In this guide, we’re going to highlight several popular types of trading card display cases, including those with high-quality glass with reliable locks, wall mountable trading card display frames with a source of light, and even individual card display stands. We’ll also discuss pricing, and where you can buy a case today.

If you’re looking for general ideas as to how to protect your trading cards in slabs or top loaders, read our how to protect baseball cards guide, otherwise if you’re looking to protect your slabs you can check out graded card storage options.

Buying a Trading Card Display Case 

When shopping around for a trading card display case, it’s important to determine what primary function the case will be used for. For example, if you’re looking for a sports card showcase to take to a card show, a counter top display case may be the best option. Obviously safety and security cannot be overlooked, and this kind of case is normally made of a cushioned interior to lay your cards, and a hinged glass enclosure with key lock for anti-theft protection.

On the other hand, if your primary purpose is to display the cards at home in a neat case that shows well, you may want to consider a wall-mountable display frame with multiple ledges and led lights to really make it pop. 

The size requirements and overall features of your preferred display case will determine the price-point.

5 Best Trading Card Display Cases

We have listed several affordable baseball card display case options, along with what we think the case is best used for to make it easier for you to decide. Browse, observe, and choose a sports card showcase that feels right.

Sports Card Show Display Case

Sports card show display case, great for trade shows
Sports card show display case: Best for trade shows

Best used for: Setting up at a sports card show
Price: $172.95
Where to buy: Amazon


  • Large size supports many card slabs; also choose the interior felt color
  • Acrylic side guards to prevent sneaky thieves from reaching in
  • Dual latches with keys is important security at a trade show
  • 100% UV Protection protects cards from sunlight damage

This portable trade show display case by PENNZONI is the best baseball card display case we could find for the price and given its large size. The manufacturer states the interior of the case is a generous 22″ width x 33-15/16″ length x 3-3/8″ deep.

From a security stand-point, you get it all — the case comes with two strong latches and key-locks, along with acrylic side guards (shown in the picture above) to prevent anyone from reaching into the case from the side. The best way to set this up at a show is to have the open side facing you, just as it looks in the picture shown.

Anti-theft Lock Trading Card Display Case (Wall-Mountable)

Locking glass display case, wall-mountable card display frame fits 36 graded cards
VERANI Baseball Card Display Case fits 36 graded cards

Best used for: Hybrid; show off your collection or setup at a card show
Price: $67.49
Where to buy: Amazon


  • Affordable price-point for a sizable 36-graded card frame
  • UV Protection protects cards from sunlight damage when mounted
  • Horizontal and vertical choices available
  • Works well for home display or at a card show (comes with key lock too)

The lockable, UV Graded 36 Sports Card Display Case by VERANI is an ideal choice with a price tag of $67.49 at time of writing. It can house up to 36 graded sports cards, and even more ungraded cards. There is also a small 8-card case available through the same link for just $34.19.

This trading card display case comes in black finish and brackets so the case can be easily wall-mounted. It can also be purchased in a vertical format if preferred; this is helpful in the event you plan to put it over an office desk or bed as you can decide which form-factor is best suited. The display cover door is of high quality Grade A acrylic so it cannot be easily shattered as compared with glass.

Trading Card Display Frame with Lights (Wall-Mountable)

Best used for: Showing off your collection
Price: Starting at $97.50
Where to buy: Etsy


  • Customizable text at the top of the frame
  • Change led light color based on your mood or collection with a remote (16 colors)
  • 3 different sizes to choose from based on your collection size

Everything is better with lights — and lights on a trading card display case set it apart from other bland-looking cases whose only source of light is that of the room they are placed in. 

On Etsy, you can buy a custom led light trading card display case currently starting at $97.50 depending on dimensions and other options. The colors can be personalized in accordance with your preference using a remote control to choose from 16 colors. You can also customize the text shown at the top of the case. The seller has over 330 reviews and an overall 4.5 out of 5 stars rating, so buy with confidence!

If you prefer a similar display case without lights that is slightly more affordable, check out this option for $75 on Amazon, or click the button below to do a broader search for additional choices.

Affordable Single Baseball Card Display Case (3-Pack) 

Single baseball card display case / stand. 3-pack, also comes in 6 and 12-pack
Single baseball card display case stand (3-pack)

Best used for: Showing off a single card on your desk
Price: $17.99
Where to buy: Amazon


  • Most affordable option, no frills
  • Magnetic one-touch holders make it easy to load and unload cards
  • Acrylic stand/base included with each magnetic one-touch case

So, you have a few sports card singles you want to stare at all day on your desk. You’re not alone — many collectors love having their favorite baseball, basketball, or football player staring right back at them. These cases are just a simple way to show off your cards individually without breaking the bank.

A 3-pack costs just $17.99, although you can get a substantial discount by choosing a 6-pack or 12-pack for just $23.99, or $38.99, respectively.

Collectors’ Cabinets Sports Card Display Cabinet

Best used for: Showing off your collection
Price: Custom price quote
Where to buy: Direct from manufacturer


  • Custom build according to your specific requirements
  • Acts as a cabinet for extra storage space; blends in with home office furniture
  • Premium build quality

Collectors’ Cabinets, a UK-based company, specializes in sports card display cases with a built-in cabinet to serve as the foundation of the display case. Not only are you receiving extra storage space but the creative design of the cabinet below the trading card display case helps your collection blend in with the furniture of the house or office, perfectly. 

Besides their signature cabinet trading card display cases, Collectors’ Cabinets also manufacture trading card display frames. Not to mention, Collectors’ Cabinets are carbon offset— which means they are environment-friendly. While you cannot shop for their cases directly online, the website’s Get a quote form is a good place to get started based on your specific needs.

DIY Trading Card Display Case

When primitive instincts kick in, neither an extravagant online product nor a store bought product feels as top-notch as building one yourself. A DIY sports card display case leaves lots of room for personal creativity and customization. And most trading card display cases come in fixed dimensions; therefore, building one yourself is a sensible alternative.

To get a head start on your personal project, here’s a step-by-step DIY custom trading card display case tutorial:


A trading card display case is an important buying decision for collectors who want to showcase their collection or plan on setting up as dealers at card shows. In this guide, we explored various popular options including high-quality cases with key locks best used for card shows, wall-mountable display frames with lighting for home use, single card display stands, and even the option to build your own custom case if desired. We also discussed pricing and where to purchase several different cases online. Ultimately, when choosing a display case for your trading cards it’s important to consider its primary use and prioritize factors like safety, security, and size requirements.

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